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Ashton is among the most revered premium cigar brands in the world. Ashton cigars are handmade in the legendary Tabacalera A. Fuente factory in the Dominican Republic from only the finest aged tobaccos. Ashton has been a perennial “Top 3” brand in the U.S. for more than thirty years and is sold in over 60 countries. Today, Ashton is a father-and-son operation headed by Robert Levin and his son, Sathya Levin. Together, they preserve and build on the company’s extensive reputation for creating premium cigars of superior quality and lasting prestige. A shared ambition between the Levin and Fuente families to produce the finest cigars in the world is the foundation of a significant mutual partnership. At its root, a determined bond drives the classic taste of Ashton in a thriving portfolio. Celebrate the destination of taste.

La Aroma de Cuba

La Aroma de Cuba transcends roots that date back to the late 1880s in Cuba, where the brand became an early favorite of Winston Churchill. In the midst of Cuba’s rebellion against years of Spanish conquest, Churchill arrived on the island in 1895 as an eager young lieutenant. There, the genesis of his brilliant military career and his avid passion for handmade cigars emerged. More than 120 years later, La Aroma de Cuba embraces an entirely fresh and prominent heritage in Nicaragua. Today, La Aroma de Cuba is blended by legendary cigar-maker Jose ‘Pepin’ Garcia in Estelí, Nicaragua. Pepin’s foundation in Nicaragua is preceded by his extensive reputation in Cuba as a master blender. For decades, Pepin oversaw production of a number of Cuba’s most revered brands. As a result, La Aroma de Cuba displays a deep allegiance to its Cuban hallmarks as Pepin blends the brand’s award-winning portfolio of premium cigars with his son, Jaime Garcia. Generations of meticulous cigar-making craft influence the unrivaled standards for flavor, aroma, and quality expressed in La Aroma de Cuba cigars. The finest aged tobaccos are attentively blended to deliver awe-inspiring taste and balance in honor of an extensive Garcia family tradition.

San Cristobal

San Cristobal is born from an extensive Cuban tradition at the hands of celebrated cigar-maker Jose ‘Pepin’ Garcia. Known today as simply “Pepin,” Garcia began rolling cigars at the age of eleven in Cuba where he rose to prominence as a master cigar-maker over the course of a distinguished, decades-long career. Pepin immigrated to the U.S. in the early 2000s. Today, the brand’s versatile portfolio pays homage to an unrivaled Garcia family legacy rooted in tradition and dedication to the craft of cigar making. Pepin and Jaime influence every San Cristobal cigar with an unwavering regard for cultivating, aging, and blending fine tobacco to achieve an evolution of taste and aroma that began generations ago. Savor a journey of determination, revival, and distinction from San Cristobal.