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Time. On the one hand, it can be fleeting, passing all too quickly. And yet, it can be an exquisite moment of indulgence, a luxurious occasion just waiting to be filled beautifully. In their single-minded pursuit to create only the very best cigars, Davidoff believes in the importance of time. Taking precious time to craft an exceptional cigar, and equally taking the time to enjoy that cigar, lies at the very heart of Davidoff’s philosophy.

Avo Uvezian

Every cigar is a careful arrangement that mirrors the unexpected finesse of Avo’s music – complex, layered, effortlessly smooth and infinitely approachable. Each a virtuoso performance, that elevates the cigar maker’s craft into the realm of art. From his flair for improvisation, to his passion for travel and infinite enthusiasm for life, AVO cigars are truly a reflection of Avo… the man. In a noisy world filled with chaos and unpredictability, it took a musician to create harmony amidst the commotion. With his passion for jazz, an irresistible charm, and an appetite for new experiences, Avo Uvezian became a composer for fine cigars. As way of life, he created rare and beautiful moments to be savored and shared by all.To share a moment with AVO is to immerse yourself in a merging of exotic flavors and cultures; in a timeless appreciation for the classics; in spontaneity, guided by inspiration. And within each cigar, you will find a unique experience, a shared moment, a thing worth remembering and passing on to friends both old and new.


UNMISTAKABLE. UNAPOLOGETIC. BOLD AS HELL. IF YOU LIVE THIS LARGE, YOU’LL FIND YOUR CIGAR HERE. From the beginning, Camacho cigars have stood for intense pleasure unleashed. These are badass everyday smokes. Full-colored, all-American in style, these cigars effortlessly deliver full-frontal, all-out flavor – flavor amped up to heights that old-school cigars have never dared climb. If Camacho had a soundtrack it would be loud, loud enough to wake the neighbors and make big dogs howl. We figure, if you’re gonna have a cigar, have a DAMN cigar!


In a cigar world awash with the latest San Andres wrappers, double and triple Maduros, and every other sort of unique twist on tobacco, sometimes it’s good to step back and look back. Zino Davidoff, arguably the godfather of cigars, the cigar lifestyle, and the patron saint of the elegance and ritual of cigars, established himself on the world stage during a time when Connecticut-wrapped Natural cigars were the rule. Davidoff has never lost sight of their roots and maintains one of the finest stables of Natural cigars in the business. The Zino Platinum Scepter Series is a cigar that needs no external validation. It knows what it offers. The size you have is the Grand Master, which is a big Robusto. The rich Natural wrapper is a Connecticut leaf from Ecuador and is paired with a Connecticut binder to enclose filler that smells malty and slightly tannic to add a good spine to this blend. Just like Zino, the man, this cigar is refined and elegant. It’s not pretentious but it has all of the answers before you ask it. The Grand Master keeps its secrets but entices you with a glimpse into its mysteries.